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Art Week 2022 at Banana Island School: The Art Exhibition

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Our Art Exhibition on Friday, 28th January was the final event of our Week focusing on Art.

The children were excited that they got to host their exhibition and display their decorated pots and cups - made with clay by employing the handbuilding technique and also made with recyclable plastic material - as well as printmaking and what they had learned about Dr Hadiza Ladi Kwali who is famous for her distinctive ceramic works and print-making.

The underlying objective of the week-long exercise for the Key Stage 1 and 2 students was to familiarise the children with the discipline and the architects of pottery and printmaking.

For the Early Years Foundation Stage, the objective was to improve their motor skills as we explored colours, patterns and texture.

The Playgroup Class made flower pots from recycled cardboard papers and plastic containers and decorated their pots with cut-out animal shapes, a pattern that Dr Kwali is famous for.

The Nursery Class had learned about the dynamics of clay and made a beautiful pot

using clay rolls (the rolls were made using the coiling method of handbuilding with clay).

For the Reception Class, the children etched out pots from cardboard paper and painted lines designs that they had seen on Dr Kwali’s work.

The Key Stage 1 & 2 children tried the different methods of making pottery called handbuilding - coiling, slabbing and pinching. At the exhibition, they displayed their finished works alongside their prints and studies of Dr Kwali.

A huge thanks to our parents for attending the Art Exhibition at the end of our 2022 Art Week.


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