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Why we teach our children through songs

The proprietress, Banana Island School, BIS, Mrs. Folasade Marriott has said that children can be taught virtually anything through songs and connections. As this allowed them to have fun and remember at the same time.

Her words,”They need to make connections between what they are learning and the world around them. A child who connects the 2D and 3D shapes she is taught in class and is taken to the local supermarket to look for those shapes will remember without effort.” Marriott who spoke ahead of the school’s Open Day scheduled for April 27, 2017, said that her main goal as an educator was to encourage children to enjoy school and to develop character.

Her words,“When children see learning as fun and interesting, they relax, enjoy the process and this aids understanding. And if they understand, they have this confidence that enables them see the real world and be able to look people in the eye and face challenges without being afraid.” On the Open Day, she noted that the visit to the school among other things, would afford parents and stakeholders the opportunity to see preparations being made for the take-off of Banana Island School primary session in September, 2017. Visitors will also enjoy a classical concert as well as an exhibition of contemporary Nigerian Art, along with some of the children’s works. BIS has, since inception in 2011 only run the Early Years Foundation Stage for children between 18 months and five years old.

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