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Sports Day 2022 at Banana Island School

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

There is Jesse Owens! There is Ivana Vuleta! And then, there are the undisputed athletes of Banana Island School!

Last week, Friday, 11th of February, 2022, we hosted our Sports Day event, the annual exercise where our children got to show their fine motor skills, esprit de corps and sportsmanship, the pillars of the objective of the exercise.

We had taken a break from hosting Sports Day following the coronavirus emergencies and it was such a delight to see our parents and kid-athletes turn up this year with enthusiasm and energy.

Our children represented their houses with gleaming confidence: Yellow House, Blue House, Green House and Red House.

We had the esteemed Mrs Nkoyo Rapu at the event to reward the celebrants of each game on behalf of the school’s Governors.

Our Early Years Foundation Stage (Creche, Playgroup and Reception) started the events with their amazing series of games: All-Comers Race for the creche and toddlers; 25-metre race; Cone Race; Beading Race; and Egg and Spoon Race.

With their little but mighty feet, they took to the field and demonstrated fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

The reception and primary groups were sensational as they participated in games like Building the Tower, Building the Temple, 75-metre and 100-metre Races, Aiming for the Basket, Kangaroo Race, Three Legged Race, Big-Foot Race, Sack Race, Obstacle Race, Throwing, Jumping, and Composite Shuttle Relay.

A beautiful highlight of the event - and boy, were there many - was the Three-Legged Race, a symbolic moment showing just how much can be accomplished with teamwork. The teammates representing each house learned each other's paces, strengths and weaknesses.

What Did You Hear About Parents😊?

Our moms and dads weren’t just spectators. They brought their energy to the field as they ran the 100-metre Moms Race and Dads Race. But the true test of strength was the Tug of War, dads to one side, moms to other. And, of course, our moms won - twice! Who runs the world?!

Everyone's a Winner

I am actually thrilled… [I was wishing] I was a child all over again!...I learnt two things [from the children]: determination and the spirit of never giving up.” - Mrs Nkoyo Rapu.

Our children who came in first, second and third positions were celebrated and awarded by Mrs Nkoyo Rapu.

Blue House, winning the most golds, came in first and emerged as the champions of the 2022 Banana Island Sports Day Event. Green House came in second, and Yellow House finished third.

But in the end, everyone's a winner.

We are grateful to our teachers for their effort, proud of our athletes for their commitment and thankful to our parents for making this event so memorable.


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