Dear Mrs M, and all teachers.

I just couldn’t bear to go fetch Waldo today from school for the last  time.  My heart is just breaking. I just wanted to thank everyone there for everything you did for Waldo  over the years.
Thanks to you I feel that Waldo has a great start in life.  Waldo  really did love all of you so very much.  He doesn’t really understand  that he won’t be coming back.
Congratulations on a very good school. You’re the best.

Kind regards

Wendy Smith


Dear Ms. M,

A quick note to let you know that I just delivered a tree to school. A  little green gift to remember Zane by——Thank you for the report and the lovely card sent to Zane. I had tears  in my eyes when I read it. He has had so much love around him at  school. Thank you for such a wonderful experience in his first steps  in education, not just for Zane, but also for us as first time parents.Wishing you all the very best.

Kind regards,


Dear Ms M

I am so glad to have news from the school, I love reading from you.
I hope you are doing well.
Thank you for all your advice on Mono’s education.———
So far, I have not seen a school like Banana Island School, I knew you  were doing an excellent job with the kiddies but know I realise how  exceptional your school is.
So please just continue to give the best.
Mono still asks for you all and his nanny. Who says kids have no memory??

Kindly yours



Dear Mrs Marriott,

I hope you are well and have had a nice summer.

I just wanted to let you know that William has settled well into  school. He is well ahead of all the other children thanks to you and  Mrs Chinaka. They are only just starting phonics and most children  have picture books with no words as their homework whereas William is  reading level 4 books and finding them easy. Thank you for giving him  such a good start in school life.

Take care


My husband’s assignment has come to an end and we will be leaving  Lagos. It is such a shame that I am writing this to you and am not  able to see you in person.

Dexter has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Banana Island and will miss  the school and his friends a lot. Mrs B, Ms J and yourself will always  have an extra special space in his heart and young memory as you have  all helped shape his early fondness for school and I genuinely hope  that attitude continues as he grows up.

I wish and hope with all my heart the school continues to grow from  strength to strength and will always remember ‘our little school’ with  happiness and a lot of love.

Wishing you and everyone all the best.

Nhan Huynh-Goh