The school commenced in September 2010 with the Early Years section only  and will gradually increase its intake until it reaches its full complement of classes.

The school year is divided into three terms, Michaelmas, Lent and Trinity, each of which has a half term holiday.

Our approach
The school aims to encourage the children to learn to work hard and to enjoy reading, not only in order to succeed, but to discover the satisfaction which rewards sustained effort. Emphasis is placed on excellence and endeavour in academic work, leisure, sporting activities and service to the community.

As a foundation for all else, the school wants the children to be happy, determined and resilient. While learning to be honest, courteous and self- disciplined members of the community, to be as much concerned about the happiness of others as about their own.

It is therefore important that the school remains small enough for the children to be well known to the staff and to preserve something of a family atmosphere.

Parents and the School
The best results are produced by a combination of all that the school and its staff have to offer, with all the encouragement, love and support that come from the home. To this end, the school aims to maintain regular communication with its parents. Observations by parents and caregivers are carefully considered and incorporated into each child’s education plan so that the school builds up a more complete picture of the child’s development.